Take the first step to Creating and Building a Legacy that balances out work, your own schedule, & lifestyle.

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Women create businesses for freedom...I help them figure out how to build them.

The Dreamer

Women who dream of building their OWN legacy so that they are in control of their future.
Business Building

The Start Up

Women working 9-5 or running a household with a virtual profession on the side that they want to turn into a business and scale.


Women who are running their passion businesses and are ready to rapidly scale their business.
Sharika balances life with a grace that I believed that was not as easy as she makes it look! While nurturing a baby to sleep she helped me find clarity in WHAT DO I DO NOW and a balance in life while making more than I did at my corporate job.
How I Can Help
25/8 Mom
Are you thinking about starting a business and you don’t know how? Or are you currently growing your side business and want to scale it to a full-scale business? Click here to learn how you can go from no business to a legitimate business in 60 days or less?
Do you have a business that you started on a whim or from a side hustle that has grown but is not setup to grow larger?  Do you have a business that you are spending more time on than with your families?  Learn how you can live a CEO lifestyle with less to do and more M.E. Time.
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