25/8 Mom

Start hitting scary goals.

The M.O.M. B.A.G. is the 25/8 MOM Signature System to helping you go from fizzling out to unstoppable on your goals and dreams.

“The M.O.M. B.A.G. saved my life. I did not know the right way to get started with the company. I was a working mom and always fizzling out. It helped so much to keep what is important to the forefront.”




– Monica

“I used this course a few years ago before I started my entertainment business. 2 years later I retook the course before I acquired my own restaurant. The M.O.M. B.A.G. is definitely the right start to getting your ideas flowing.”

– Nancie M.


Own It

Tap into your skills & launch your own virtual business in 90 days.

Interested in starting your own business but have no idea where to start? A 6-week program that will transform the skills that you have into a functioning legitimate business that can scale grow and evolve into more.

Join OWN It and we’ll help you:

  • discover your unique skillset, 
  • set up your business 
  • and intern with an entrepreneur so you can start building a business.
Sharika reminded me I have everything inside that I need to be successful and what I didn’t know I could easily learn. After our call she sent me a detailed email, outlining everything we talked about with links and examples. She was grounding in a very uneasy time. I highly recommend Sharika as a business coach! 🙂

– Mandi H.

“As a divorced mother of twins, I needed to determine what was the next step in my life. I used the M.O.M. B.A.G. to guide me through the process. The course has assisted me with clarity in so many ways.”

– Shawntell



Is this you? 

  • You have a business. 
  • You are making money.  


  • You never really set up your corporation. 
  • You are also working long hours that rival that of corporate America.  
  • Not sure how to attract more clients and get your M.E. Time back. 

Let me help you get your life and business back on track.  MPower Consulting is designed to help you level up your company and systemize how your company scales.

“I have a company but wanted to start a new one… a passion business, but I did not have the time. Sharika created a roadmap of how to create my company and helped with task accountability.”

– Martin M.

“Sharika is incredible at what she does. She helped me turn a fast-growing side business into a profitable company. Her team worked wonders and I would not have been able to earn my first six figures without her.”

– Gloria C.